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some MRE's combinations!
- any flavour kool-aid and any flavour mad dog or boone's farm.
- get as much tobasco as you can, crush your crackers in the pack, then carefully open, add tobasco, shake, ta-da! = hot fries!
- 4 hot chocolates and 8 creamer packs, some sugar and with a little water = pudding
- 3 words - "just add ramen" and it will taste alright regardless of the main meal.

here's some more resources:
The MRE Gourmet: How to make a pouch meal even better

Peanut Butter Cup Poundcake:
1 cocoa beverage powder packet
1 creamer packet
1 sugar packet
1 peanut butter
1 vanilla pound cake
1 MRE coffee (optional)
Divide poundcake. Slice top of peanut butter packet open. Add cocoa, creamer, sugar, and coffee to the peanut butter one at a time, mixing well. Spread onto ½ pound cake and top with other half. If you need the caffeine, mix a tiny amount of coffee into the peanut butter mix.

they're also like a happy meal: here are your toys! *be very careful*
- sprinkle the creamer over your lighter for a fire ball (don't engulf hand)
- crush up the stuff in the heater and put in a 16oz. soda bottle with a tablespoon of water, then cap super tight and throw!
(don't look down the barrel to see if it works, just wait)
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