sir _fuct_tape_, esq. (_fuct_tape_) wrote in ramenrecipe,
sir _fuct_tape_, esq.

here's my easy recipe:

i just had gourmet casarole-ish ramen last night with condiment packages from various restaurants & left-over spinach w/cheese.

1) put on pot of water, bring to boil with lid on.
2) set heat to medium and throw in ramen.
3) in small bowl mix:
-2 packs medium & 2 packs hot sauce from Taco Bell
-1 pack Olive oil from Subway
-1 pack duck & soy sauce
-1 pack Arby's sauce
-1/4 teaspoon of diced garlic
-1/2 a cut up onion
-1/4 spinach
-a few dashes of oregeno and rosemary.
4) add mixed items when ramen is half soft, then continue on med. heat.
5) strain excess water from noodles to desired effect.
6) return noodles to pot or bowl and add 2 processed white-american foodtown cheese slices.
7) stir cheese into noodles until its melted.
8) ... yum!
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